Zoning guide

The fairground zoning is based on product categories and themes. Exhibitor has the opportunity to be located in the most suitable zone to maximize business exposure.


<MOVEMENT>Must-see trendsetting designs

Gathering highly acclaimed design brands, products made in collaboration with famous designers and sophisticated overseas products. ★Exhibits are carefully selected in accordance with each theme.


<ACCENT>New accents to living

Gifts, artistic items, fragrances, apparel, baby and children’s goods, stationery, digital gadgets, and more.


<ETHICAL>For a sustainable society

Dedicated to environmentally mindful, socially responsible, and community-supportive products, including those promoting conservation, up-cycling, fair trade, inclusion, organic farming and local consumption.


<HOME>A fresh approach to living

Furniture, lights, home textiles, bedding, green interiors, office interiors, and more.


NEW!!<EXTERIOR> Seamless Indoor-Outodoor Living

Outdoor furniture, gardening tools, accessories, BBQ grill, camping tools, and more.


<CREATIVE RESOURCE>Materials and fixtures that invoke creativity

Innovative interior materials and fixture techniques for interior design and house remodeling such as porcelain tiles, house fixtures, parts, and related materials.


<KITCHEN LIFE>Add flavor to the kitchen and dining table

Kitchenware, dishware, cutlery, and electrical appliances, kitchen and cooking tools, and more.


<EVERYDAY>Accessories for a more comfortable living environment

Cleaning tools, bath and toiletry products, towels, storage items, household appliances, and more.


<FOODIST>A diverse array of foods from inside and outside of Japan

Sweets or seasonings beautifully packaged, imported food, organic tea, and more.

Supporting programme zones


<TALENTS>Business matching platform for young, up-and-coming designers

A stage to showcase prototypes or pieces of art which are not yet commercialised in the market. ★Exhibits are carefully selected in accordance with each theme.


<NEXT>Promoting new brands by young entrepreneurs

New brands which are already commercialised and reshaping the market landscape. ★Exhibits are carefully selected in accordance with each theme.